Lucas Riberio for Boys by Girls

“Are we really free?”

Long lost empires and philosophical dilemmas seem to be what’s brewing on the young mind of Lucas Ribeiro at PRM Agency as of lately. At only 16, he has the confidence of someone twice his age, yet is seemingly unaware of how he ever managed to adapt such a secure demeanour. And especially at such a taxing point in life - namely the teens. Throughout our exploration of Generation Z we’ve discovered that this generation seems far more likely to favour a creative occupation, while some boys such as Lucas is still very much interested in potentially pursuing a career within traditional fields such as engineering. However, he does possess an expressive nature, which he shares with his peers.

In the midst of an age where hormones should prominently be raging, photographer Jade Danielle Smithcaptures Lucas' astonishingly confident and candid soul for our Generation Z series, showcasing his fervour and unique outlook on life. Lucas somehow manages to prove that he can glide through those teenage years with noticeable ease, as he would rather spend his time contemplating the reasons for why Portugal lost its empire than minor teenage trifles. “How did we lose it all?”.

Lucas Riberio for Boys by Girls Magazine

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